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The Back Story

Perfectly Planned Vacations and Events is owned and operated by Deanna Lowery and Natasha Tyson.  We are sisters who collectively have over 7 years of independent travel agent experience.  Our specialty consists of All-Inclusive International Group Travel to the Caribbean. Our desire to travel started at a very young age as we would always take family trips to the beach.  As we got older, we both decided that we wanted to EXPLORE the world and DESIGN the life we wanted to live! That transitioned into our love for leisure travel, which lead us to making this our profession.  We began by creating vacations for people who were new to travel and needed an all-inclusive package to have more confidence in traveling abroad. Now we craft curated experiences that you can’t shop for anywhere else. For us, putting together the ULTIMATE EVENT for our clients is where we thrive! We approach planning group trips like a jigsaw puzzle where every piece of the trip is customized, fitting together to create our signature travel EXPERIENCE.


Our goal is for you to simply pack your bags, show up and enjoy your vacation stress-free. When you come back refreshed and asking about the next trip before you’ve even had a chance to unpack, that’s how you know it was a Perfectly Planned Vacation and Event!

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